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Related post: Date: angel model russia Wed, 1 Feb 2006 07:37:44 -0800 (PST)
From: T. Chase McPhee
Subject: Muscle Jocks For Domination 11The following story is a work of fiction, set in the
format of reality. Any resemblance to real people is
entirely coincidental in nature, and is not meant to
accurately depict, nor reflect upon persons in towns,
cities, or governmental areas, beatrice models in which the story is
staged. If a sexual scene involving male-to-male
relationships offends you, then you should not read
this story. Additionally, if you are under 18 years of
age, in most state and countries, you are not allowed
to read this story by law. This is fiction. Do not
forget, in real life, to think about 'sexual safety
matter'; got condom?"Muscle Jocks For Domination" 11
wriTten by T. Chase McPhee%
"Is this where Raavi lives, Steve?""That's the awesome young models address in his wallet. I suppose if the
key fits the lock, then we're home!"With Matt as double helix model
backup, Steve keys the lock. It opens."Shit! Will you take a look at this place!""Hey, did you doubt it when you pulled through the
iron gates, Matt?""Well no, but. Hey, do you think this is real gold?""Most likely, Matt, since many items made in India are
of real gold."Then, from a distance they hear some yapping."Must be Raj," Steve alerts Matt to, rushing off
across the room.As they traisp through the room, Matt's head flicks to
the left and right, eyeing up all child models russian the art work on the
walls."Damn! I think I just saw a Mondrian!"However, Steve's attention was more drawn to the
little yapper.Opening the door to an unknown destination, a little
mutt runs out, scouting around."He's looking for Raavi!""Oh, the poor little guy," Steve says.In a whiny voice, almost like Mickey Mouse's, the
muscled jock talks to the dog, picking him up."You're gonna be alright little fella.""What are you going to shy model teens
do with european teen supermodels him, Steve?""I can't leave him here in this big lonely mansion.""So, you're taking him home with us?""With us, Matt?""Told you I'm calling out. C'mon. I'll help you look
around for some leg model sexy dog food.""I'll gather up some of his toys," Steve tells Matt,
still pampering the pooch, "You want to come with
Uncle Stevie and Uncle Matty?"Matt rolls his eyes, laughing to himself."I found enough doggie food for a week, Steve."Shooting his eyes from tiny sex models where Steve's head should be,
to the floor, he sees his friend lying on his back,
flat out. tween models porno Flopping his tie back and forth, Matt
watches Raj jump over Steve's pecs, as the tie flops
to the right, then left, then back again."I think kasey model
I know what Raj's favorite toy is going to
be!""Right," Steve replies, "but if I don't stop, his
little toenails are going to have my pecs all
scratched up.""More work for me," Matt tells him."Oh? And how would that go, Matt?""Making lsm models photos my tongue work sex models preeteen overtime?""Hmm," Steve said back to him, wiggling his eyebrows.
Then as the tie chasing model 16 nn quelled, he `Mickey-Moused',
"Did you have fun chasing Uncle Stevie's tie?""Uncle Stevie?" Matt laughed out loud."Get over it, Uncle Matty!"Getting up from baby porn model the floor, Steve gathered Raj up in a
little fuzzball."On no.""Whatsamatter, Steve?""How am I going to drive with Raj?""He's a little guy. Put him on the seat next to you.""But what happens if I stop short?""Put the seatbelt on him.""What happens if he flies out of the seatbelt?""Um, he gets plastered on the windshield?"Steve gave Matt a grim look."Never mind, Steve. We'll take my car and leave yours
here.""Cool."Piling into Matt's older model Jetta, they head out of
the Omparkash estate."We better let Raavi know that world nudiest models Raj is coming home with
us, Steve.""Right. Hey, wait a minute.""I'm not sure I like that look, Steve.""If we call the hospital, we're young peruvian models bound to get Ian on
the line, right?""Well, yeah. He is in charge of Raavi. So?""Just maybe we should... toplist preeteen models prepare him a bit for when he
and Jim get together tonight?""You think that Jim is going to really follow through
on this, Steve?""Did you check your car door for cum-stains, Matt?""Putting the ignition back in park, Matt opened cute models forum his
door, got out and checked."I don't believe you checked, Matt.""Well, you asked, Steve.""And?""I should make you get out and check childsupermodels old site
yourself, Mr.
Smartass!""Oooh, look. Raj is sleeping so soundly.""You're a good conman, Steve. Okay, it looked like
some precum could have smart teen model
seeped through Jim's uniform,
but then again it could be bird crap!"Putting the blue Jetta in gear, Matt backed up, then
pulled out towards the two iron gates."Directions, Steve?"While being connected to Ian, at the hospital, Steve
pointed to the left, towards the parkway, mentioning,
"Towards 78."Matt made the turns, euro model zipping under the EZPass arch."Hey, facesitting models Ian... Steve here... I just wanted you to mention to
Raavi that we have his euro teen models doggie... What? Taking him home
with me."Steve didn't mention `us'."By the way, Ian, we ass model ran across Jim Kirk and he seemed
mighty anxious to hook up with you."Matt directs, "Tell him he was horny.""What did I say?" Steve asked Ian, as he probably
heard Matt talking. "I said he was real horny..... nonude amateur model
he was dressed in his police uniform, Ian. He was on
duty still.... What's that, Ian? Sure. Might be a good
idea if you give him a call.... Okay, later.""What did he say, Steve?""I think you got most of it, but then Ian couldn't
wait to hang up and get on his cell phone with model pre pic
Jim.""Hmm... I wonder how this is going to pan out."Steve interrupts to say, "Um, cut off at exit 40,
Matt.""Williamstown, Steve? You must be turning the dough.""Not as russian young modell elite as you think, Matt. Don't expect it to
be up to the `Omparkash' standards.""Wouldn't matter a hill of beans, Steve. I'm not
looking for what the man has. I'm looking at the
`man'.""Hmm... wait till you see `the man' without anything
on!""Likewise," Matt young columbia models gets even."Hang a right.""Hmm... towards Finn's Junction, huh Steve?""Don't get your hopes up, Matt.""On the contrary, Steve. They've been up for nonude junior models hours!""Horny bastard!" Steve accuses Matt, with a wry smile."Um, should we stop for shaving cream?""Nah. If we run out, I've got plenty of duct tape!""What tha...."Steve laughed his ass off, even sarah model teen as Matt swatted him in
the chest."Oh, look what you've gone and done, Steve. You woke
up little Rajjie!"Steve smiled at the cutesy little way Matt talked
about Raavi's pooch. Even thought Matt was being real
sweet, up until now, he talked like a muscle jock,
only now bowing to the language of the Mouse's."By the way, Matt, who is it that you keep coming to
see at the hospital.""Oh, I never told you?""Nope."Before Matt model russian young got model makers glasgow to divulge the info to his muscle jock
friend, he had to wait, as Steve introduced Rajjie to
the neighborhood. With the little poodle perched in
one hand, Steve pointed everything out to him."See that, Rajjie? That's where all the kids go to
school... and look there, that's where the kiddies play
on the playground. And ooooh, wow..."
Not part of the neighborhood, but definitely a turn
on, Steve points out, "See the two boys on the
motorcycle," then breaking out of the cutesy voice, to
the more hot jock lingo and directing the comment to
Matt and not Rajjie, "No, see the undergae teen models two `hotties' on the
motorcycle!""Cheating on me already, kitchen model picture Steve?""Cheating on you?"Matt glanced, when he could, smiling at Steve. Sitting
back in his seat, he let Rajjie go on a self guided
tour, as he thought about it. Sure, he thought Matt
was hot. He knew the guy rang his chimes way back in
the elevator, the first time he met him, with Jim
there."Next right."Matt pulled into sweet belle model the drive, coming to what looked like
a check-in booth you see at a top models 50 security checkpoint."Oh rats!""What?""The little clicker to get in, is in `my' car!""Do you think that sexy guy in the booth will
recognize you, Steve?""Yeah, he knows me.""Oh? How well, Steve?""Forget it. I know you're going think it's a waste,
but he's straight.""What a waste!" Matt repeats.They laughed, as Steve opened the door. Again, in karen model the
goo-goo talk, taking Rajjie with him, he babies the
pup, "Rajjie want to meet Sam?"Sitting there behind the wheel, Matt wanted to meet
Sam. Especially when Steve girl model little approached the little,
booth and Sam came out from behind blonde models nkude the little shack.
He saw Sam wave Steve on, so he didn't have to come
all the way to the security booth.Getting back in the car, Matt said to Steve, "A total
waste!""I told you. Look at those hot buns.""I'm looking Steve, I'm looking."Something Matt noticed, pretenn models nude that maybe Steve hadn't playboy playboy modell picked
up on, is Sam leaning out of the booth, after the car
had passed through. If driving a loaded Mercedes, he
would figure it was the models child nn car, but a 2000 Jetta with a
few dents in it? Come on!"To the right... left... two more blocks and left... here we
are.""Whew, Steve! Next time you're driving and I'm holding
the pooch!""C'mon. models wearing girdles I can't wait to see where Rajjie if going to
sleep."Matt thought, `Rajjie? Where am I going to sleep?'"Here we are...ta daaaaaaah... how do young models fun
you like it?""Nice," Matt brazil perteen models replied, yet a bit disappointed."Come on in and kick your torrents blowjob models
shoes off. Get comfortable.
Just move that stuff over there."With Rajjie in one hand, Steve picked up the tie,
flinging it over his shoulder, along with the dress
pants, gym pants and two muscle tees. He bent down and
plucked the sneakers from the floor.`Oh boy', Matt said to himself, regarding the
condition of the living room. In addition to odds nude shaved models and
ends of clothing scattered about, DVD's lay here and
there, as did muscle cindy child model magazines."C'mon in the bikini modeling contest kitchen."It didn't get much better. Dishes lay in the sink and
Steve's cereal bowl still on the kitchen table."What's this, Steve?""Oh, arii model so that's what child model sandra
happened to that!"Matt holds by the least amount of material, one of
Steve's jockstraps, pulling it from the sink."Easy way to save, washing dishes and clothes
together, Steve.""Actually, it was the jock, then I must've forgotten
and dumped the dishes in there.""Yeah. Okay, Steve. If you say so.""Want something to eat?""Can I check the condition of the fridge first?""Oh, I see," Steve replied, coming down off of his
natural high. "Guess little inocent model
you west models
think I'm some kind of slob,
huh?"Matt stood there, shaking his head, arms crossed over
his chest."Listen, why don't you take care of feeding Rajjie and
I'll see hairy woman model
if I can clean this up?""No. `You' feed Rajjie and I'll clean up, Steve.""I can't have you doing that, Matt."Before Steve could gallery pre model set the pup down, Matt had his
shirt unbuttoned and stripped."Wow!" Steve said, admiring christina model movie
Matt's physique."Oh, hope you don't mind Steve. A habit since I was a
kid. Easier than rolling up the sleeves.""Mind? Why would I mind?"Giggling, Matt says, "Um, you better close your mouth,
Steve before you find something in it!"Looking upon the blonde fuzz, covering the white
chest, dotted with the super nacked models pink nips, Steve wanted
something in his mouth.Opening the bag of chow and getting it ready for
Rajjie, selina teen model
he commented, "It'd be a crying shame to shave
the hot stomach of yours, Matt.""Nah. I want you to shave it, Steve. See how it looks
to have a trail down it. I can always let it grow
back."Steve admired Matt front and back, perfectly shaped
for blonde model galleries
a body builder. Biceps, triceps.. nothing except
the hottest bod!"How many days do you workout, Matt?"Washing bikini model screensavers out a glass, Matt thought how lively the place
got since taking his shirt off."Most of the time five days. How about you, Steve?""Five days. Working for an exercise equipment company,
they make it mandatory.""You're so lucky Steve. When I get enough bread
together, I'm going to get back to the gym, which will
probably be a young models madison coupla years.""I meant to ask how you swing it, waiting on tables,
going to college and having afford rent and
everything, not that it's any of my business."Steve waited, then sensed something distressing."Something wrong, Matt?" Steve asked.Watching Matt suddenly become immobile, whereas he had
been energetically working at his task, Steve finishes
setting out the water bowl and goes to the sink."Got a problem? Need to talk about it?"Steve took the sponge out of Matt's hand, grabbed the
towel and started drying his hands."I'm not an invalid," Matt replied."Something swimsuit models 2007 is wrong, isn't little models portal it?""Sorry about that," Matt apologized with the wiseguy
remark."Why don't you have a seat for a minute?"Steve pulled the chair out and let Matt sit. He sat
behind his cereal bowl."Now, what's up?""It's a long story, Steve.""Like nude preeteen model 12yo model pic
where am I going, other than the Hockey games on
in ten minutes, so hurry up!"Matt smiled, saying, "I wanted to watch it, too.""Then let's get on with it.""Okay. So, I had this models pictur room mate. Actually still do.
He's the one I was visiting in the hospital.""And?""Steve, he has AIDS.""Oh no!""Yeah. Steve, I didn't sleep with him... he was just a
room mate, not a lover.""I believe you, Matt.""At least somebody does.""Why? Who did elitesexymodels
you tell that doesn't?""Chip's parents for one. They think Chip hungary teenmodels got infected
from me.""Why would they think that?""Because they're stupid. They wouldn't even hear of it
that I didn't have sex with him. They just figure two
gay guys rooming together and that's it.""Well, didn't Chip clue them in?""Steve, Chip bikini model andromeda
was in a houston model nude bar. The guy with him, set him
up with a drink. Something was in it. At the hospital,
not only did they pump his stomach, but little teenen models
little models upskirt
through other
testing, the AIDS came up. Plus...
Chip's in a coma.""That sucks!""I know. Not that I really care about his parents, but
it would be nice that they knew the truth about us.""So, let me guess.""What?""Chip was paying half the rent and now he's not paying
half the rent?""Right. This has been going on for four months now and
my saving are depleted. I don't even outback teen model know if I can
swing sterling model 700 another semester of college. Dammit! I'll never
get that bachelor's degree."Steve could see that Matt has been carrying around a
lot on his shoulders, besides those hot pecs."Hey, the game's on in three minutes. Heck with the
dishes. Let's go and relax, Matt.""Yeah. Okay."As the two proceeded back into the spacious living
room, Steve noticed Matt didn't pick up his shirt."Be right back. Turn on the TV, okay?""Sure."Hurrying back to the bedroom, Steve stripped down preteeens model gulfstream model plane to
the buff and stepped into pair of gym shorts.
Returning, he brought a pair for Matt."Here, I hope they fit. You can change in the bedroom,
if teen dance model you want.""What's wrong with right here?"Steve liked that even better.Even though Matt was a child model top blonde, as aussie glamour models the trail dipped
below the waist, it got darker and thicker."Aren't you going to watch the game, Steve?""Oh yeah! The game!"Matt smiled. However, did Steve ever get a surprise,
when his house guest sat down on the sofa next to him,
without the gym shorts!"Now, how am I supposed to keep my mind on the game?
Answer me that, Matt?""Sorry," Matt replied.But he wasn't, as he reached in front of Steve and
turned his chin away from the big screen, towards his
lips."I'm sorry for being selfish, Steve.. but.. this is
the first night of relaxation I've had in months."Looking at Matt, Steve wanted it, too. Falling to the
side, he lay flat, causing Matt to align himself with
the jock body."Why don't we even up the score, Steve?""Hockey?""No. `jockey'!"Smiling, Steve teenage teenager model pressed his feet against the barbizon model scam
cushions, as Matt helped him out of his gym shorts."Nice," is the first thing to come out of Matt's
mouth.Steve figured Matt would go right down on his tool,
but instead he shimmied himself up, so that his ass
lay on Steve's hairy chest."Oh, sorry. Here I am assuming you're a bottom,
Steve."At first smiling, Steve looked at the 8c, the piss
slit staring tinymodel teens at him. With one modelle nude hand, he bent the hard
shaft down and licked the head."Ooooooooh yeah..."Right away, Matt bent down and kissed lolli models nude Steve. Reaching
over to the table, Steve took the control and alley baggett model
off the hockey game."What's chesty bondage model this?""Bedtime!" Steve grinned."But I thought you wanted to watch the game, Steve?""Some things are more important. Come on."However, as ebony models directory
the two got up, right in front of them,
little Rajjie wagged his tail."I think he has to go out. What do you think?""I think preeten models nonude so, Steve.""You go get the bed warmed up and I'll take him out.""But, Steve. I'm a stranger. You barely know me. nude cars models
can you leave me in your house?""Scared?""No! I'm not scared!""Oh. Thought in this sloppy place you thought you
might get tangled up in a dirty laundry pile!""I didn't think that. Um, do you think I could fall
and break a leg, Steve?""The suzie teen model bedroom's that-a-way," Steve pointed Matt in the
direction.When Matt little nympet models got to the bedroom, he stood there for a
minute of two, mouth gaping open, saying to himself,
"Steve....Steve...Steve..." Fortunately Matt liked
challenges. Right away, he set preeteen pantyhose model
about to clean
everything up. unterage models pics kailyn model nude Maybe not permanently, pakistani female models
but temporarily,
to get through the night. He couldn't find any clean
sheets, so models breasts photos the dolly supermodelinfo old ones stayed on the bed, but married bikini models he did
manage to try to segregate the dirty clothes from the
clean ones. The hamper overflowed. tiny models 13
Yet, he did find
some nice jock scents!
%Continued....Copyright 2006 T. Chase McPhee
This story may not be sold or made part of any
collection without prior written permission.
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