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Related post: Date: Fri, 02 Feb 2001 19:26:07 -0500
From: Ritch Christopher
Subject: boy-in-the-band-4Usual disclaimer. All rights free pussy preteen reserved. Copyright owned by the author. This
is a work of gay fiction. If preteen tgp list you pedoland illegal preteen
are underage and/or offended by graphic sex
or explicit language, please leave now.
* * * * * * * * * * *This is the fourth chapter, containing individual episodes, that were, at
one time, a part of my story "that-was-then", which was preteen cute fashion
posted in the High
School section nude preteen development at Nifty, on Nov. 8th 2000. These vignettes were deleted to
make the longer story have better flow.
Excluding my best friend and high school lover, Lance, Randy had become the
third victim of innocent sexual prey. I didn't know where my preteen grl misadventures
had led him, Ernie, or Jim, but I knew from their behavior with me, that I
would not be the last guy they would doll preteens top
bed. It's funny, I just used the word
innocent...and really, that's all it was. In these days. especially in the
south...sex was all but a forbidden subject. The only action you ever heard
about was queers and whores...I guess the rest of the guys and gals, my age,
were all virgins or celibate. No nice girl "put out" until she was
married...and no nice boy ever thought about asking a girl for sex. Sure
they thought about it during their private nightly masturbations (which no
one knew how to do but them). Even guys in the locker room preteen free videos
never mentioned
"jerking off". If you did it, you didn't talk about it...it wasn't normal.
Believe it or not, a lot of us were convinced that masturbation could and
would lead tgp galeries preteens
to blindness or mental illness. So IF we did it...we were taking
a big risk, It was the years of wet dreams...something we had no control
over. Many guys preteen gallery post I knew suffered from "blue balls" but were too afraid to
tell their parents or go see a doctor...we just assumed we had a testicular
hernia. I would suppose that's why, when word got around about me...being a
"regular" guy, and not being afraid to educate or share my knowledge of
self-gratification...that I became one of the most popular guy among my
peers. I had had regular sexual experiences with Lance, since I was 14 or
15. He didn't know about the encounters with the last three in the band. He
thought we were true and faithful to each other..but heck...I was only
giving "lessons" and getting my jollies at the same time. God, if my
puritanical Baptist mother knew what I was doing...she would have sent me
away to a Bible college in chains AND an iron-clad, chastity jock strap. I
didn't know if there were such a thing...but if so, she would have me
wearing one. My life was pretty cool. I had a steady girlfriend to date and go to proms
with. It wasn't like I was seeking out for male sex candidates...they had
happened, quite, by accident. The band captain was George Phillips. His father was an vintage preteen free
preteen preteen ru army colonel, and
George had been reared in family military training. He didn't walk down the
halls between classes...he had a cadence in his gait. He was probably built
better physically than any of the guys on the raped preteen pictures varsity football team. His
father made him work out, twice daily...and it was only natural that he
would have the band members follow his lead, Every day before marching band
rehearsal, he would put the band through fotos preteens nude
a regime of side straddle hops and
push preteen girl fingering
ups. His dad, the colonel made him do this, and his son, the "captain"
tortured preteen hot art
his band in like manner.
George had been going with the same girl, Sarah DeShay, since the seventh
grade. He had dodged his father's wishes of a military career by telling his
dad that he had had a "call from God" wanting preteen nude red him to be a minister...so not
only was non nudepreteen model
he rigid, George was also religious. He only did things and went
places that he know that God would approve. I use sexy candid preteens to wonder if he and Sarah
got married, would they ever have sex except while trying to have children? As I said earlier, in another chapter, I was not a member of the band...I
was a lowly band manager in charge of uniforms, instruments, and
equipment...sort of a musical water boy...but during eighth period, I could
shuck off my white coveralls...and was the star musician in the swing band.
Piano was my forte. George didn't play as well as Wesley, so he had to play
second trumpet in the swing band. I, also, wondered how this music "set"
with him...I mean it wasn't like we were playing, "Give Me That Old Time
Religious Ragtime". We were playing Kenton, James, and Dorsey charts. We
were the best in the state. People had come from miles around when we did
our spring tour concert in Jacksonville. I know, I know, everyone thinks
they're great in high school, but we really were. I don't remember ever having a private talk with George. He didn't speak to
me unless it was to shout out an order to fix or bring him something. I was
a good little "gofer". The first time we ever had a private moment was one
day in the boys' restroom. He was peeing at the trough when I came in. I
tried to stand away from him as far as possible. I tried to release my urine
slowly, so it wouldn't make a noise or preteen body picture splatter, calling attention to
myself. But he spoke, "Hi, Mark". I was surprised he even knew my name. "Hi, George." "Did you have a good time in Jacksonville?" "Yessir, a great time." "You were the one who shared a room with Randy, weren't you?" FUCK! What had he heard...and how could I escape from this conversation?? "Oh, we didn't actually "share" a room...I mean we were assigned to the
same room, but due to our separate duties, we didn't see much of each
other...He's a nice guy...Randy..." "Yeah. comes from a nice Christian family. I was in church the night he
dedicated his life to our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ." I thought of ten remarks to make...but I was afraid to use any of my
wisecracks...here and now. I remained quiet. "Have you given your life to Christ, Mark?" "Oh yessir, years ago...Momma had me baptized in the Baptist Church." "Praise God." he exclaimed. "Amen." I replied. At the moment, I had become so nervous I couldn't remember whether I had
peed or not. I was still standing there at the urinal, with my dick in my
hand, but I had forgotten why during all that Inquest from the
Requisition...so I stuffed myself back in my jeans...I kept feeling that I
hadn't peed though. I just wanted to get away from him before we had a word
of prayer. I had sneaked a peek at his divining rod. That was a sight to
behold! Hallelujah! Sarah would never know how to get full use of that
equipment...It was so large, it should have come with instructions. He might
could show me a thing or two, but you bet your bottom dollar, I could teach
him a thing of two. This saddened me, to think, that this massive tool had
never been out of the wrapper. He should learn to use it before he got old
and his muscles dystrophied. "Well, I gotta get to class, underage preteen nymphs George, see ya." "Not so fast, what are you doing teenie preteen fashion Saturday morning?" "I have a piano lesson at the conservatory, every Saturday...'round noon."
"How about Saturday afternoon?" "I can't think of anything." "Good, preteen erotica sex
you think you could come to the bandroom around three o'clock and
help me put the serial numbers pantiy preteens gallery
on those new band instruments?" "I suppose I preteen blondes nude
could." "OK, I'll see you then...do you need a ride?" "I can get a ride down here...I may need a ride to get home." "That's no problem." preteen thong pics
"Okeydoke." I left the restroom in a hurry, just as Randy and Ernie were coming down
the hall. I stood there waiting on them as George bumped me with the door as
he was exiting. "Sorry Mark, see you Saturday, and thank you." My face was red as a beet as my top preteen movie
two "quickies" were approaching.. "Mark...what the hell 10yo preteen boys
you been doin' in the bathroom with Brother
George...drilling Glory Holes?" "Did you kneel in prayer?" "Go to hell, you guys..." "It looked mighty suspicious to me." "Were you giving him a lesson, speaking in tongues?" "Can it, you guys!" "Why Mark, both of us know what you do in the privacy of your lair." "We know, all too well." "Well, I must've done a pretty good job on the both of you. The way you
were walking down the hall, I would swear you were going steady with each
other." "We might be." "And we might not be." They were camping it up but good. I was please with my ventures, It looked
like I had made two converts. That would be two golden tines on my pitchfork
I was destined to carry some day, as I stoked the fires of hell. I knew this
wasn't really true...you can't make a guy queer unless he preteen lesbianas
already preteen links pics has
"queer" feelings...but in the days of horny celibacy, most guys were willing
to try anything to get their rocks off. "What you doin' Friday night, Mark?" "I told Brenda, I would take her to the movies." "Why don't you pictures preteens butts cancel your date and join us over at Ernie's house, His
parents are going to see his photo sex preteen
sister at U.T., and we'll have the house all
alone." "Are you two guys, getting it on together?" "Maybe." "And maybe not." "Yeah, we thought we might ask Jeremy to come over, too." "Don't tell me you've indoctrinated, preteen studeo
Jeremy, too." I said with surprise. "Not yet...but there's still time." "You, two guys are horrible." "You can invite George, if you want preteen uncensored model to." "Yeah, and we can all sit around and sing hymns." "My mom's got a new album sexy preteens pussy by Tennessee Ernie Ford." "Great. I just love to dance to his music...especially, "The Old Rugged
Cross." "Well, will you join us or not." "What's in it for me?" I asked. "You ought to know, better than anyone." "Well, I could tell Brenda, that virgins girls preteen preteen naked modeling
I had promised to help you out with that
new arrangement, and we could go to the movies, Saturday Night." "Yeah, you could...but would you." "Yep...what time?" "You need a ride?" "Yes." "Then we'll pick you up at your house around 7:30." "Done deal." I had become prolific in lying...Going to Ernie's meant I would have to
tell one young preteen girls
lie to my Mom...a different lie to Brenda...and another one to
Lance. And if they didn't talk to each other...I could get away with my
escapade. Ernie and Randy were preteen boys models right on time. They free youngest preteens
picked me up at 7:30 for a night
of lewd and lascivious behavior. Randy had bought a pack of Lucky Strikes,
and Randy had stolen a jug of his mom's fermented apple cider. It was gonna
be a wild preteen sex masturbate party. Ernie's record player was stacked two inches high with the
latest 45's. Jeremy was due to come over around 8:00. "Tell me something," nude preteen download I asked. "Why did you invite Jeremy. Have either of
you guys, done anything with him?" "Naw, he just looked like he might be the kinda guy who'd wanna." "Have you ever talked to him about sex or anything?" "Not yet, that's why we wanted you here." "Oh you wanted lessons from the Master." "Well, you taught us everything we know." "Have you, two, being "doing things" together?" "Maybe." "Yeah, and maybe not." "You bums! Why didn't you let me know?" "You're not the only one with secrets." "Shhh, I think Jeremy just drove up." The doorbell rang and Ernie went brazil preteens
to answer it. The door preteen lola models opened and there
was Jeremy...and Tyler...and...Chase, two members of the varsity football
and wrestling teams. Ernie was caught off preteen nubile photos guard with the additional
uninvited guests. He turned around and stared candid beach preteen
at Randy young model preteens and me with a look of
dismay. "Come on in guys...welcome to the stag party." We were going to need a lot more cider to get through this night. Our plans
had been drastically no nude preteenmodels
changed. There was no way we were going to try anything
with Jeremy with his two brawny buddies. They would beat the shit out of us.
I wished I had gone on to the movies with Brenda. preteen nude modells I didn't want to spend a
Friday night talking about cars and engines and sport statistics and batting
averages, "Anyone want a smoke?" Ernie asked as he stretched forth his lowly pack of
Luckies." "Yeah, I'll have one." which was said en masse cute angel preteen by everyone. A couple of the
coughed as they tried to inhale, I knew it was their first cigarette...but
it was the manly thing to do, so we all imbibed. Next, Randy poured six ice
tea tumblers with cider. I had never drunk fermented cider, so I didn't know
how powerful it was. My grandpa use to kid my grandma about her getting
drunk or cherry cider...Well, I would just have to wait and see...as we all
would. "Hey Ernie, you got any new magazines?". Tyler asked. "What kind?" "Popular Mechanics or Sports Illustrated." "I think there's some on the shelf under the coffee table...Help yourself." "Hey..you got the new J.C.Penney catalogue down preteen foto nud
here." "Yeah, it's my moms." "You guys ever seen the women's underwear ads in this thing?"\ "No." replied Jeremy. ".. .does it show anything?" "Come here and look!", as Tyler quickly rifled through the pages. "Damn...look at the tits on that one!" "Lemme see!" "Look how high those panties go up...you can almost see her pubic hair." "What do they do...make those models shave their pussies?" "Naw, I don't think so...I thing the photographer must take an eraser and
uses it before he has the picture printed in the preteen girls pissing catalogue. It's against the
law to "show anything". "Look at those men in their Fruit of the Loom's." "Yeah, they must make them shave too...A man's crotch hair stretches
farther out thaimisc preteen nude
on each side than this pictures show...mine does, any way." "Yeah, I see what you mean..." "Turn back over to the women's section...I don't want to look at a bunch of
almost naked guys." Chase said to Tyler. "Oh yeah?...Then why are you always staring at me in the locker room
shower?" "I don't." "You sure as shit, do. you think I haven't noticed you staring but I have." "Is that why you get a hard on?....Me, staring?" "Well, I see you get one too, staring at me." Tyler and Chase had been doing all the talking. Jeremy was peering at the
catalogue, while Randy, Ernie, and I, had gotten "real busy" looking at preteen sierra model
cabinet of 45's. Our backs were to them. It was all we could to keep from
breaking into glee. We smiled and smirked at each other...listening 14 preteen video
to the
two jocks conversation. Tyler continued. "Of course, it's kinda difficult to tell if you've got a
hard on...you being so tiny and all," "Who's tiny...my sweet tiny preteen
dick's way bigger'n yours." "YOU WISH!" Ernie composed himself and turned around. "Hey guys, cool it a bit. I don't
want you nonnudes preteens russians to get into a heated argument and break something...my mom doesn't
know I'm having a party tonight." "Sorry, Ernie", replied Chase.."I was just trying to prove a point." "And what was your point?" asked Tyler. "My point was and is, that my dick's bigger than yours." "Hard of soft?" "Both...Hey, Ernie, your mom got a tape measure?" "Sure, there's one in the sewing machine drawer." "Get it, please...I'm gonna settle this, once and for all." Ernie, excitedly, raced preteens college photos
in the other room and hurried back with the folded
yellow tape. "Here" said preteen underground rape Ernie handing the tape. "Thanks.." He turned to Chase."Now, drop you pants, honcho." "You mean, here, in front of all of you?" "Here...I want witnesses!...All right, I'll drop mine first. Slowly, Randy, Ernie, and I, inched our way over to sit on the sofa to see
these "wonders" which were about to come to pass. "Jeremy...you do the measuring...and you three guys will be the judges." "OK..OK...I'll drop 'em." Jeremy's face was pink preteen tgp blushing as he asked. "Do I have to touch you guys?" "Yeah, unless you wanna wear rubber gloves." Jeremy was sitting in a straight backed chair as both guys walked over,
placing themselves on either side of him. Their cocks bobbing as they tried
to walk with their pants around their knees. "OK, buster, you wanna measure soft, or do you wanna get hard?" "The true test would be hard...but I can't get hard in front of a crowd preteen girls posing
people." "You do in the shower...Jeremy...grab hold of Chase's dick and see if you
can make it hard...I don't preteen young fotos wanna give him an advantage...take me in your
other hand and get me hard, too," "Hey, you guys...I don't wanna..." "Shut up, Jeremy...no one's gonna know." The three of "us" sat there in awe. We couldn't have planned this better.
We were holding out breaths to keep from laughing out lout. Jeremy, timidly took a penis in each hand. Even his hands were blushing
red. "Well, don't be shy...squeeze 'em or somethin'...jerk 'em up and down...do
it equally...don't show favoritism." Jeremy candid preteen jailbait refused to look at any of us three. He would be the first person to
really die of embarrassment. He began moving both hands at the same time. "A little tighter and faster Jeremy...Chase, let us know when you think
you're all the way up." "Fuck, this is so stupid, Tyler." Chase protested. "Shut up and get your dick hard, if secret preteen pics you can, pussy." tiny preteen ass I didn't know about Randy and Ernie, but portal preteen forum
I was getting an erection quicker
than either of the two gladiators...but my two fellow spectators were
beginning to squirm on either side of me...trying preteens showing pussy
to adjust themselves. I
assumed we all were having the same reaction. "All right...are you all the way up...Damn, Jeremy...you're doing
great...have you done this before?" "Stop talking like that or I'll quit." answered Jeremy. "OK...get the tape and measure...do Chase first..." "Do I measure on the top or the bottom?" "Plant the end of the tape at the base of his dick...right there in the
middle of his pubic hair...and measure all the way down to the piss hole." In a scientific manner...Jeremy stretched the tape on Chase and measure... "How long?" topless preteen nubile
"Eight and a quarter inches." "Now do me." Jeremy proceeded to do the same to Tyler. "Well...how long?" "Eight...and...a quarter." "You're crazy...you must've measured wrong...our dicks aren't the same
size...Come over here, Chase and place your hairypreteens
dick next to mine." Chase looked at "us". "Are you guys getting your money's worth?" "The previews are great! We're waiting to see the main feature." Chase moved over toward Tyler and slid his shaft all the way down his
teammates and held them both together. "Looks like Jeremy was right...they're the same length." "No way...let me hold 'em together." Tyler gripped the two cocks firmly and gave a couple of yanks on them. At
that moment...Chase shot his wad. A spew of sperm flung all over Tyler's
crotch. "Oh fuck...no...no..no..no...God, man I am so sorry." "You're not quitting now...it's no fair that you got off and I
didn't....Hey you guys, don't sit there and make us look like two turkeys,
whip you dicks out and cum with me...YOU TOO, Jeremy." He didn't have to ask twice. Quickly, boy preteen speedo we unbuckled out belts and slid down
our trousers. remaining seated on the couch...Tyler watched us. "Come on, come on,,,let's sweet preteen pictures see a little action in the bleachers." We complied, and soon the sofa was being shaken petite preteen panties with three preteen thumbnails tgp active fists
working on three very excited cocks. Jeremy, still, hadn't moved.
Tyler kept his penis glued with Chase's while he started masturbating. Ernie spoke up..."Just be careful...don't drop any of your semen on the
carpet...my Mom will have a shit fit." "Don't worry...we won't drip." The back of Tyler's hand was still coated in
the white sticky milk. He stopped long enough to lick Chase's cum from his
hand and fingers. Jeremy stared in fright. "You're not gonna put that stuff in your mouth, are you?" "Sure, it's nearly all protein...it's good for you...make your hair
grow...You mean you've never tasted your own cum before, Jeremy?" "No...I've never even cum preteenie bbs
before." That phrase had a familiar ring to it. "Are you shitting me?" "No." "Oh man, there's more wuss in the world than I expected...You guys, over
there...you beat off don't you?" "Only when we shower together." joked, Randy. "Come on...let's show Jeremy what he's missing...unzip your preteen farm sex fly, Jeremy and
whip it out." Ernie got up..."Wait. let me go get one of Mom's big plastic picnic
tablecloths, and spread it on naked lil preteens
the carpet." He came back with a huge red piece of plastic, shook it out, and placed it
in the center of the living room floor, "Chase, you've still got cum all over you...let me clean you up and you can
start fresh with the rest of us." Our ears must have been deceiving us...HE was going to clean Chase?....THIS
we HAD to see. Without any hesitation or embarrassment, Tyler preteen girl birthday
sank to his knees and began
"cleaning" Chase with his tongue. Five pair of eyes preteen blackcat
were popping out of our
heads at the sight of this spectacle. He licked all over the shaft...the
balls...the pubic hair. Then he licked his own hand and scraped the spill
sperm off his pubes, cleaning himself where Chase had left his deposit. TYLER. the big athletic stud had put CHASE's preteen cp ilegal penis in his mouth??? This was one night that we would never forget. When he finished with his cleaning, he arose and looked at us gaping at
him. "Oh for God's sake...don't stand there looking at me like I had just fucked
your sister. Either all of you have tried that...or you've all thought about
doing it!!! How was it, Chase? Was that the first time you ever had your
dick in someone's mouth?" "Yes...I'm afraid so..." "Well, it won't be your last!!...Come on, you guys...take all your clothes
off and sit down on the floor...this could get messy...and you don't want
your mommies to find cum all over your sexy preteen pix denims." Randy and Ernie were all to anxious...they vip preteen video quickly began
unbuttoning...pulling and tugging. They were the first ones naked. I
followed suit...while Tyler and Chase continued stripping. Chase was still
just sitting there... "It looks like Jeremy's gonna need some help...let's give him a erotic preteen boy hand." Randy began removing Jeremy's shoes and socks, while, I pulled to preteen porno freephoto slide his
polo shirt over his head. Chase and Tyler, each, tugged on a leg of his
jeans. Then with a swift jerk...Tyler yanked preteen modeling girls Jeremy's boxers down...and up
sprang his erection. "Well, would you look at them...we turned the boy, on." topless preteen com laughed
Tyler..."OK..OK..Let's sit on the floor in a circle...Good...now...everyone
take your right hand and grab the guy's cock, next to you...I wanna do
Jeremy." By the numbers, Tyler took Jeremy's cock in his hand...Randy had
Tyler's...Ernie had Randy's...Chase had Ernie's...I had Chase's and slowly,
Jeremy took mine. Tyler continued..."Now...here preteen anime nude are the rules...when I say "GO" start jerking
the guy to the right of you...when you feel like you're ready...holler.."I'm
cumming" and the guy on your left has to take your cum in his mouth...The
first one to quit or drops out of the game without cumming...gets fucked in
the ass by the rest of us..." No one believed this was happening...we were, all too frozen to move... "Come on...no one chickens out...this is MAN'S GAME...so no wussies or
pussies...OK?" He ordered it with such authority...we were afraid NOT to do it. "OK...you know the rules...NO QUESTIONS...READY...SET...GO!!" Five of us began to hustle. Jeremy's hard on was getting a good workout by
Tyler...and he just sat there...holding me, with no hand action. Apparently,
what was happening to him, felt good...he began to get starmodel preteen
into it and started
stroking me, the same tempt that Tyler was applying to him. Randy and Ernie
were smiling...having a big time...even Chase seemed to be enjoying himself.
I had never touched a penis as large as Chase's, so it took me a while to
get the knack of it. I had to work harder with longer strokes to give european preteen vids him
satisfaction. I knew if I could get him to climax...I would get to put that
big thing down my throat. I looked to my left...knowing I would be short
changed...it would be Jeremy's job to do me...I would be his first...and he
had had no experience. Three minutes hadn't passed before we heard the first. "AWWW"...someone had
already reached his climax...but who?..Damn...it was Jeremy..was he
kidding?...had he really never had an orgasm?...As soon as he began to
moan...swiftly, Tyler sank his mouth over the eruption and let it
gush...Jeremy was so "taken back", he completely stopped jerking me. I
wasn't sure if Chase could muster up his second load. in so short a
time...but I kept on pumping him. Randy was the next to pop as Ernie quickly
covered him with his awaiting lips...then Ernie shot as Chase, reluctantly
bent over to taste his first cock...this must've exited him because I felt
his shaft begin to throb in my hand...here came his second load...it was
bigger in my mouth than in my hand...I wanted to take it all, but I thought
I would never find the bottom to it, as I forced its head down my
throat...he didn't cum as much this time...for preteen naked illegal which I was grateful...That
left only Tyler and me...the idea of getting fucked by five guys...scared
the hell out me...I had to cum preteen oriental models
now...before Tyler...I relaxed just a little
and held my breath...and voila!...I was there...I felt a bit sorry about
shooting Jeremy, his first time...but...I didn't make up the game...it had
enjoyed his first climax...let him learn to enjoy this, too. I motioned for
him to pull his head over and get in position. He only took my glans in hie
mouth until I shot my second spurt...I, then, pushed his head down...to get
the full treatment...He gagged and coughed...but he "took it like a nudist preteens pics MAN". When the five bobbing heads had finished there chore...Tyler sat there
smiling...he hadn't cum...he was the last...he had lost the game. "Well boys, preteen panty wetting I just don't know what could have happened to me," he said in a
voice mocking Prissy in "Gone With The Wind"..."I guess I lost...and YOU won
the prize...I guess I'll just have force myself to let all five of you fuck
me." "You, asshole," I said..."You planned it this way...You lost on
purpose...you wanted us to fuck you." "Why Cap'n Butler, the way you talk..." he said coyly...then in a
commanding preteen natural nudist
voice he said..."ALL RIGHT...GET IN LINE!...WHO'S FIRST?" Chase stepped forward..."I"M FIRST, you son of a bitch...and I'm gonna fuck
your ass til my cum comes out of your mouth...Ernie...you got preteen model maxwell any hair
grease?...I wanna grease him up good." Ernie went in the bathroom and came back with a jar of Butch Wax. Chase
applied a big dollop between Tyler's ass cheeks and scratched off like he
was driving a hotrod. He plowed into his teammate...and Tyler let out a big
yell. "Ride 'em, cowboy!!" Tyler was loving this...I wondered where he had
done this before...and with whom?...Was there someone I japan upskirt preteen didn't know about
that I had missed with my tutoring? I had to find out. For the next thirty minutes, each of galleries preteen incest us took our turn, fucking Tyler with
revenge. He actually came three times. When the last drop of manhood had erupted. We sat on the floor...all
tired...out of breath...and each one had a different satisfied look on our
faces. Tyler was the first to stand and preteen xxx nude began preteen maxwell asia dressing. "Well, gentleman, it was fun...I'm glad you all had a good time...and I'm
glad preteen piss pic to have been had by all!!!" The three of them, dressed and left, leaving "us" still sitting on the
floor, undressed. "Do you believe what just happened?" "Not in million years." "I wonder who he learned all that from?" "Sure as hell, wasn't me." "Me, either." "Well, what do you want to do now? It's only ten o'clock." "I don't know." "Me, either." "Mark, Randy's spending the night...can you call your mom and tell her you
want to stay, too?" "I suppose...but I have to be at the Conservatory for a lesson around
noon.: "We can take you." "I'll call her...shit, I just remembered I've got to meet George at the
band room, tomorrow afternoon." "He gonna baptize you?" "Maybe...and preteen swimsuit pic maybe not." I joked.. "Come on, call your Mom and let's all go to my room...the night is still
Watch for chapter five:"THE CUMMING OF GEORGE"
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